Alcatraz Comic Books

How far would you go to be free? During Alcatraz's 29 years as a federal penitentiary, there were 14 documented escape attempts involving 34 inmates. Find out what happened to them in our popular Escape from Alcatraz comic book series.

Inspired by History

A Note on the Series

Black and white aerial view of Alcatraz Island from the mid 20th century, with San Francisco in the background
Black and white historical photo of Alcatraz cellblock corridor, with guard walking next to cells
Excerpt from Rufus Franklin's Alcatraz Conduct Report

* CAUTION: some comics contain graphic depictions of violent Alcatraz escape attempts and may not be suitable for all young readers *

Excerpt of artwork from Escape from Alcatraz Comic Book series published by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, three men in boat silhouetted against a night sky.
A sketch of Aaron Burgett by comic artist Buci, from forthcoming comic produced by Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy with Daejuan Jacobs
Sketch artwork of Joseph Bowers climbing over a fence by Logan Pearsall from Escape from Alcatraz Comic Book series, published by Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy