Alcatraz at War book by John A. Martini, a history of the Rock's military past.

Book - Alcatraz at War


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It was June 1942. Much of the Pacific Fleet still lay at the bottom of Pearl Harbor and the US Army was feverishly bolstering West Coast defenses. Alcatraz's location in the center of the harbor made it a perfect gun platform in the event Japanese bombers dared appear over San Francisco Bay. The Prison's rooftop was considered to be an especially strategic artillery location, but Warden James A. Johnston had already developed a reputation as a curmudgeon when it came to following the military's wartime regulations. Johnston had recently agreed to the installation of several gun positions on the island, but assuming command of the new battery could turn out to be a ticklish job. Twenty-six-year-old Captain Freeman feared he was in for a long evening. Alcatraz was going to war. Again.

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