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Book - Guarding the Rock

Book - Guarding the Rock

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Ernest Lageson Sr., former Alcatraz Custodial Officer, and his son, Ernie Jr., former Alcatraz newspaper delivery boy, together tell the fascinating story of serene family life amid the violence and danger of one of the world's most famous prisons. Guarding the Rock describes the day-to-day activities of the convicts, the periodic prison violence, the fourteen escape attempts, and much more, all of which took place alongside the homes of the approximately 300 employee family members who shared the island with the hardened criminal occupants. Specific attention is devoted to the sensational escape of 1946 in which five men died and sixteen were wounded, one of whom was Ernie Sr.

The mystique that is Alcatraz comes to life in Guarding the Rock, as the reader experiences life on one of America's most unusual home environments.


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