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Book - Alcatraz Escape Files

Book - Alcatraz Escape Files

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Uncover the secrets of the Rock with Alcatraz Escape Files.

Freedom. For men locked up in maximum-security, minimum-privilege US Penitentiary Alcatraz, the idea was an obsession. They spent their time thinking about it, dreaming of it, plotting ways to achieve it. Although the odds against their schemes succeeding were high, that didn't stop them from trying. And when it came to ways to get off the island, these men—who had time on their hands and plenty of motivation—came up with some remarkably daring getaway plans.

During the Rock's 29-year history, the Federal Bureau of Prisons documented fourteen separate escape attempts. These reports provide a rare glimpse into the minds of driven men who, consumed by thoughts of freedom, broke out of solitary confinement, slipped away from the dock, used improvised tools to saw through steel bars, and created decoy dummy heads from soap and human hair.

Well-researched and richly-illustrated, this engrossing book is a journey through the official files of the Bureau of Prisons. It's a captivating look at exactly how far men will go to break free—sometimes at terrible cost.

NOTE: This book contains descriptions of crime and violence. Its content may not be suitable for all readers.

Product specifications:

  • Paperback, 154 pages
  • Dimensions: 10" tall x 8" wide x 0.5" thick
  • Designed and developed in the USA
  • Printed in Hong Kong


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