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Book - Muir Woods National Monument

Book - Muir Woods National Monument

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Muir Woods, with its giant red-barked trees, soothing filtered light and birdsong, is a haven of calm in a complicated modern world. It is also one of the nation's few intact old-growth coastal redwood forests, and the only sizable redwood stand near San Francisco Bay that, as author John Hart notes, "has literally never felt the hand of the logger."In this book, you will enter the world of Muir Woods National Monument, a rich and complex environment saved by people who saw its value and worked to preserve it, and protected today by the National Park Service. A place of "green and lively light, shady yet somehow never dim, that the dusty eye takes in as a thirsty throat takes in water". Muir Woods offers timeless testimony to both the power of nature and the human need for the peace it offers.158 vibrantly colored pages. Written by John Hart with an Introduction by Edgar Wayburn


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