"Save the Rock" souvenir keepsake, featuring historical concrete "rock" from Alcatraz Island in plastic box.

Boxed Rock - Save the Rock


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Take home a piece of history!

This chunk of concrete is a byproduct of a major rehabilitation effort now underway on Alcatraz Island. It has been inspected by park historic preservation specialists to be sure that it contains nothing of research potential. The project, which includes a stabilization of the historic cellhouse, is generating several tons of demolition debris that must be removed from the island.

With your purchase, you have made a contribution to the ongoing preservation and restoration of Alcatraz Island for future generations.

Warning: this product is not a toy. Not for children under age of 12. Do not remove from box.

Product specifications:

  • Material: concrete, plastic
  • Sizes vary; each rock is unique.
  • Due to the nature of concrete, box may be slightly scratched.
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