Souvenir dog tags, sold with interpretive card telling the story of inmate John Giles' 1945 escape attempt from Alcatraz.

Dog Tags - Alcatraz Identity Theft


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John Giles would spend the majority of his life, from age 20 to age 60, either behind bars, on parole, or as a fugitive from justice. In 1935, Giles was recommended for transfer to Alcatraz. Over a period of years, he was able to smuggle items to assemble a complete Technical Sergeant's uniform to elude prison authorities.

This package includes dogtags with information about John Giles, and an accompanying folio with his complete story of escape. Giles's escape is one of many on the historic Alcatraz Island. Was he cunning enough to be able to follow his plan through to the end?

"A man with a long time, he's got only one thought-he wants to escape, needs to escape. You think it's the end of your life. You don't want to die in prison. You have that obsession. That's all you think about. It fills your waking hours from morning to night." -John Giles

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