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Dog Tags - Alcatraz Identity Theft

Dog Tags - Alcatraz Identity Theft

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Inspired by one of US Penitentiary Alcatraz's most ingenious escape attempts, these dog tags tell the story of a mild-mannered inmate who quietly plotted a desperate bid for freedom while the world was in crisis.

John Giles (AZ-250) spent the majority of his life either behind bars, on parole, or as a fugitive from justice. In 1935, he was recommended for transfer to the most secure prison in the United States: USP Alcatraz. During World War II, while soldiers manned gun emplacements on the island, Giles assembled stolen items of clothing to assemble a complete military uniform, in the hopes of impersonating an officer and making it off the island.

Did it work? Was he cunning enough to follow his plan through to the end?

Find out in the captivating story included with your purchase...

"A man with a long time, he's got only one thought--he wants to escape, needs to escape...It fills your waking hours from morning to night."
- John Giles

Product specifications:

  • Purchase includes dog tags, chain, and interpretive gift card with story


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