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Book - Birdman: Robert Stroud (Autographed)

Book - Birdman: Robert Stroud (Autographed)

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Was he the earnest, warm-hearted "bird doctor" and writer of two books? Or was he a far more flamboyant and diabolical double-murderer, whose event-filled, tragicomic life converted a 12-year conviction into a 54-year death sentence? Meticulously researched, with never-before-published prison reports and Stroud's own writings, with quotes from prisoners, officers, psychologists, and avian pathologists, Birdman explodes the myths surrounding Robert Stroud.

A Note About the Author

During the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary years, Jolene Babyak lived on the island with about 75 other children whose fathers worked in the prison. Today, she is an accomplished author and Alcatraz historian.


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