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Fog Globe - Golden Gate Bridge

Fog Globe - Golden Gate Bridge

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Let it fog! Celebrate San Francisco with a Golden Gate Bridge fog globe. This charming take on a traditional snow globe is an affectionate tribute to one of San Francisco's most recognizable sights: the iconic International Orange Golden Gate Bridge enveloped by clouds of swirling grey fog. Each fog globe is carefully hand-crafted and unique, featuring a miniature Golden Gate Bridge model cast from resin and meticulously hand-painted. Sparkling silver glitter evokes the beauty of our beloved and ever-changing fog.

Did You Know?

Mounted at mid-span and the south tower pier, bridge fog horns have been guiding ships safely through the perilous Golden Gate Strait and into San Francisco Harbor since 1937.

Product specifications:

  • A Parks Conservancy original
  • Designed and developed in San Francisco
  • Measurements (globe): 4.5" tall x 3.5" diameter
  • Measurements (box): 5.5" tall x 4.75" wide x 4.75" deep
  • Materials: polyresin base with glass globe
  • Manufactured in China


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